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Castle of the Counts Veggi

Address: Piazza IV Novembre, 1, 14040 Castelletto Molina AT, Italia
Castle of medieval origin. It is characterized by the presence of five towers used for defense and as ancient prisons. The interior space consists of ...
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Church of S. Bartolomeo Apostolo

Address: Via Sotto Chiesa, 1, 14040 Castelletto Molina AT, Italia
In ancient times, the parish church was enclosed in the castle walls with the facade facing east. The era of primitive construction is lost in the dis...
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Mural painting to Don Amilcare Ruella

Address: Via Roma, 14040 Castelletto Molina AT, Italia
For the tenth anniversary of the death of Don Amilcare Ruella, historical parish priest of Castelletto Molina, on 12 July 2020 the municipal administr...
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Museo Arti Agricole (Museum of Agricultural Arts)

Address: Viale Rimembranza 1, 14040 Castelletto Molina AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 793873
Email: protocollo@comune.castellettomolina.at.it
The museum showcases ancient agricultural tools. It is hosted in the premises of the Bottega del Vino of Castelletto Molina. See also... • Events in C...
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Oratory of Annunziata (or Church of the Castle)

Address: Via Sotto Chiesa, 12, 14040 Castelletto Molina AT, Italia
The chapel was restored in 2008. It stands in a panoramic position. For more information: https://www.beweb.chiesacattolica.it/ http://www.parrocchie....
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The Poles of Memories: the story and the elastic balloon

Address: 14040 Castelletto Molina AT, Italia
Scan the QR Code, present on the pole, with your smartphone to learn about the stories and the protagonists of the territory. See also... • Events in ...
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