Church of S. Bartolomeo Apostolo

Address: Via Sotto Chiesa, 1, 14040 Castelletto Molina AT, Italia

In ancient times, the parish church was enclosed in the castle walls with the facade facing east.

The era of primitive construction is lost in the distant centuries of the Middle Ages.

Towards the middle of the seventeenth century the church was completely destroyed and was rebuilt and inaugurated on November 20, 1688.

In the nineteenth century it was damaged again and the new reconstructions gave it its current appearance with the façade facing west and the building completely outside the walls.

In the last century the façade and the bell tower were restored thanks to the competition of the entire population under the guidance of the archpriest Don Stefano Ivaldi and the architect castellettese Don Alessandro Thea.

It stands in a panoramic position.

Editor's note: most of the information on the history and monuments of Castelletto Molina was drawn from the volume: <<Appunti storici su Castelletto Molina>> written by Gin Matteo Mecio published by Litografia Domenicane, Alba.

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